A Prayer for Forgiveness

I have sinned, Lord, and while I know that all have sinned and come short I am having a hard time letting go of my shame and accepting your forgiveness.

I know that I am unworthy of your love, but Your Word promises forgiveness as long as we confess our sins to You and repent. I am so sorry for falling short of what You expect of me, and I pray for your mercy and the strength not to make the same mistakes again.




i guess i got to go down wed to contest the order now. because kids involved they do it in 5 days, can believe she made it so i cant see my kids and that stuff that was put in the clam, half not true.  I will be ready for the court believe me. So court date should be Wed the 30th if everything i looked at was right.

the deal was good.  i gave in. the order can be taken off so i can see my kids again, this is so much wrong.  Keeping me away from my kids, ive never hurt them or anyone else.


went to court to day to contest the divorcee  some of the stuff in it i did not agree with, lots of meetings ahead and time spent at court house now, i know she is going to get it but i want to make sure the kids are OK.

not sure why she got the restraining order, have not got yet but going to contest that as well, more time in court uggg i least i will get to cross examiner her at the hearing to find out why she did this so i cant see the kids

wish she would have worked with me that last deal i sent was good.  Now i got to bring all my paper work to court .

I think she got the wrong advice from someone.  we could have come to an agreement but she would not talk to me 

working it out would have been so much better for everyone involved

still willing to work it out, so i cant stop the contest. i just want us to co parent and keep this easy as we can on the kids she is making it hard on them atm.   


had my intake on the 17 see my counsel this wed, went threw half a box of tissue talking to her it was bad, do many issues to deal with at once.  ugggg

Wish Kriste would see one, she needs it too. she wont talk to me had the cops called on my last night she is not acting right, if we could start over it be nice and talk about this like adults, but she want to fight the whole time.

.We need to act normal for the kids, she wont i have tried and tired but she runs away every time, we need to talk about co parenting she wont do it she wont do anything, that we need to do together for the kids she only runs away. UGGG  Now i cant even call or text her this is so dumb.

I offered her a good deal she can date nick and we do the stuff for the kids together.  

she needs to call and talk to me adult like.  its just not right i dont want to contest the divorce.  I want it to go smooth i want to see my kids, she just wont do it. wont email me no calls no text at least she could talk to me about it like adult like, its little kids we are talking about my kids,  its impossible to talk to her.


Dear Jesus
I have made many mistakes, told many lies , and now I’m stuck here wondering if I need you will you have me ? I want to be happy and strong in myself. And I walk around like my life is a burden like I am angry. I cannot be a strong person because I don’t know who I am. Please help me. Please. I want to be yours. I need you so bad. I don’t want to cry. I want to be a good father to my kids. I want to be sincere in life. I do not want to waste all the wonderful gifts you have given me. I do not want to be this angry person anymore. Please help me. -  But what can i do Kristie is acting like a 22 year old and will not understand what needs to be done for the kid.  please Lord help here see the error in her ways.  I want to see my kids.  But won’t is she keeps acting like this, it hurts the kids MY KIDS.  it hurts me and she told me this morning she will not do the co parenting.  She just want them to drift  they need to be sat down by both of us but she wont shit down.  just run from the issue, i guess its too much for her.